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Three score and ten or more

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Missing in (or out of) Action

After my serious attempt at restarting, I hav had some interruptions.   On March 1, while getting ready for church, I had a stroke.   Not a BIG stroke but big enough to make  some interruptions.  After four days in the hospital, they sent me home with a dragging left foot, a walker and a visiit every day or so with a therapist or a nurse.  a day or so later the checkked out some of the stuff from the hospital and put me back in for a catherization (where they go itough an artery into the middle of the heart and take pictures.)   they found a floppy valve, so I  went into another hospital where they took out the floppy valve and replaced it with a used one that had been removed from a cow.  I am now part cow, but have promised my wife not to moo in my sleep.  I plan to post fairly oftenif I can re-teach my fingers to find the “home keys” and thus quit having to erase long sequences of gibberish which included intlligible words while they in still in my fingers but found their way into gibberishe between key board and screen.   ANy way happy summer to you all.