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Three score and ten or more

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Silly thoughts

I got back to bed this morning and slept till ten thirty.  I felt like I had slept the day away, but I way thoroughly awake for a change.  I actually read several chapters of a book without dozing then we went into town and tried to get some issues tied down so that we can replace some of the carpet in our house with “engineered wood” what ever that is.

As we drove through the Wallyworld parking lot I noticed (not for the first time) that a number of the parking spaces were reserved for Pharmacy patrons.  Fifteen minutes only.  I had to laugh out loud.  If any of you have tried to get a prescription filled in Wal-Mart, you know that NO ONE has ever received a prescription in fifteen minutes.  The time line is ignored.  It is like the ubiquitous  Vonage commercial on the TV where a number of people toss away their old bills from the telephone company and tell us about the wonderful experiences that  they have had with Vonage.  NOW they throw away their old phone bill.  It is clear that if they tell the truth they have been with Vonage long enough to have  had those experiences so why are they just NOW throwing away their old bills. (meaning they have just joined).

We were driving to Savannah on Monday to check in with Lumber Liquidators to see if we could save some money on the new flooring.  As we left town we were passed by a black SUV and I noticed that the left rear wheel was not perpendicular to the ground.  I don’t know how the wheels are set to be square with the ground but I could tell that the SUV was going to wear out the inner side of the tire.  I drew the family’s attention to the car and stated that I was glad that wasn’t our car.  About half way to Savannah, guess what?  I blew out my left rear tire.   We pulled over as fast as we could and got the tire changed for the little do-nut spare that comes with modern cars.  Guess what else, the tire was completely worn out on the inside.   When we checked the other rear tire it was worn the same way and hade wires sticking out from under the tread.  The tires were mounted like this /—\.  These tires were perfect five thousand miles ago because , almost in the same spot on the highway, back about Mother’s day I ran over a piece of steel and broke the wheels, tires, etc. on the driver’s side.  I had to take the car to a Mazda dealer because no one else carried the replacement goodies and after two or three weeks in the garage, the car was returned to me with new tires and everything was in “perfect” alignment.  These were the tires that blew.  The car is back in the Mazda garage being re-repaired and re-tired.  Whee!!! Ain’t life fun?

Well, it is bedtime again.   If there is nothing posted on this blog before morning, you will know that I slept all the way through.

One of those things!!!!!

Since the Presidential Debate, I have tried to ignore political situations (Easier said than done), and have begun to ruminate about some of the stuff that was the original incentive for starting this blog, that is, what happens when one reaches the stage of three score and ten and more.  I had my seventy eighth birthday last summer and the “more” than three score and ten is beginning to become more and more of a problem. 

There are so many things that really need done around our house, and I am less and less able to accomplish them.  My shoulders, with their absent rotator cuffs are getting to be painful enough that they wake me in the middle of the night (I am writing this at 4:16 AM) and don’t want to let me go back to sleep until ------(I am good at falling asleep at random moments during the day, when I don’t want to).  I can’t successfully do anything to anything above shoulder level, including (occasionally) brushing my hair. (I do wish I could clean off the ceiling fans once in a while)

I have remodeled every house that we have owned in the past forty years, and am getting ready to pay some contractor a fortune to remove a lot of our carpeting and put down simulated wooden floors.  A task that I could easily have done for myself just four or five years ago.

I am hopelessly out of fashion.  I see commercials for department stores that show pretty women gamboling about in short sexy dresses that show a lot of leg wearing, what looks for all the world, like the galoshes my mother used to make me wear when it rained sixty five years ago. 

I try tell myself that folks are “caring” for me when they insist of taking my arm whenever I come to a curb, but I wish they would wait till I think I need it.  My neurologist yells at me to use a walker more often but it often makes things  more difficult than it helps.  I think I mentioned in a post last year that when I first went to see the pain management doctor, last year, that she watched me walk around the examining room and threatened “Dr. Johnson (some people still pay attention to my PhD) if you come into this office one more time without a cane, I am going to make you stand in the corner”

Oh well, I think one eye is closing on me so I will try going back to bed to sleep for awhile.