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Three score and ten or more

Saturday, April 04, 2015

still here insspite of anyhting modern medicine can see,m to do.

A stroke in March , and now a heart cauterization in APRIL.  I made it through the heart test with semi-flyng colorss.  All my arteries seem to be clear in spite of everyone’s expectations.  I seem to have a serious flopping heart valve that they ting I should have repaired soon, so we’ll see how that comes outs.  am sdchedled for serous rest for the next couple of days but will get back so sesrious posting ASAP.  Wish me well.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Here again =sort of

I started the return enthusiclly, but ran into a couple of snags.  On March 1 I got up and got ready for church, and as I was tying my tie, I felt a sharp  pain in my neck that seemed to run up inot my head and down to my feet.  I shook it off and finished the tie thing. but when I turned to get my jacket, my left foot seemed stuck to the floor.   As I tried to more it I discovered that my left leg was completely paralyzed.  I askd my wife to help me get to church, and she did, but we made a semi- spectacle and I realized that I had had a stroke.  

AFter a couple of days in the hospital where they shot me with blood thinners and told me I was stupid not to come to the hospital immediately because the three hour window in which a stroke is best treated was almost up.

I was diapered for the first time in my memory because Icouldnt get up stop urinate, and I was miserable and scared the heck out of my family.

I spent most of three days in the hospital. but they got my right leg to more on its own and using a walker I got home.

Things are still a bit weird, but with a rolling walker I can stand and walk, and yesterday, I got approval to drive the car, (but not by myself).

I will get back to the posting/blogging business as things even out, because there are some things that I wasn’t to write about while I still can.  I am pooped our right now though, so goodnight.

.  Richard