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Three score and ten or more

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Contrast, I hope !!!

We are now in Columbia SC where, on Nov.  3.  driving down near Cedar Creek, the foliage is really outstandingly beautiful.  It makes me think that, almost a month ago to the day, we were in the Berkshires along the Massachusetts/New York border it was just the same.  The weather was almost identical to what it is here.

Now, in the area in Mass. where we were enjoying the beautiful foliage,, they have had over twenty inches of snow.  Thousands of people are out of power and the atmosphere is totally changed.  Of course, for the place where we stayed, if they have power, things are not totally unpleasant.  Our lodge was almost at the base of a major ski area called Jiminy Peak, and generally their rates almost double when the ski area is in use (and with over twenty inches of snow, if power is on, the ski area is in use).

My personal experience with early snow hints that the skiing situation could be temporary.  If the temperature rises, which is quite possible, that twenty plus inches of snow could turn into fifteen inches of slush which makes skiing a lot less fun.

Monday we leave for Gatlinburg, Tennessee where, according to the spam on my computer, it is “high leaf” and everything is beautiful.  I just hope that, in two weeks or a month the northeast pattern doesn’t move to the South.  Usually if we lose power around here it is a result of Hurricanes but Gatlinburg is up in the hills where snow could come and come early.  Hopefully, if it does, I will be back home.  (of course, in the forty plus years I have lived in Georgia, I have seen snow in November –once--)


At 1:55 PM, Blogger Darlene said...

As I said, you guys really do get around, and I am so happy that you can. My one regret in this life is that I didn't travel more while I still could. I so wanted to go to Sweden to where my dad was born and I was so terribley disappointed that we didn't get to go meet Jayne when she finished her mission in Austria. Our plan was to travel Europe and have her be our guide. She had been there before when she and Nikki spent the whole summer there. We couln't go because our Stake President said she had to come home first and get released before she could travel. Not true, we found out later, so we were doubly disappointed. We did get to see most of the USA by traveling one summer for six weeks, but that was crazy and we were ever so glad to get back home. I also wanted to go on a cruise. I am not sure why we kept putting those things off, but now it is too late. I am just not a very good traveler. I didn't even get to go to Salt Lake last summer to see family there because I had such a lousy summer as far as health was concerned. So I say, go go go, while you still can. Give my love to Jan....I do hope she and you are feeling better.


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