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Three score and ten or more

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

After the cruise

I have got to post some of the things that happened between Boston and Halifax, and return but I will have to get to it a little later.  We returned from our cruise Saturday morning and had to pick up a rental car before noon to get to our time-share in the Berkshires. 

This time we got a cab driver who knew the way and zipped us to the car rental, and following the directions provided by the resort we went down the Mass turnpike to exit two and turned off onto US 20, (the scenic route.  It took us nearly eight hours to make the 140 mile trip.  For almost forty miles down near Sudbury (that's the name I can remember,) we were in a traffic jam going about 10 miles per hour.  When we got to the source, we discovered that the highway department had a road block letting cars by one way (in turns).  They were (THIS IS THE TRUTH)paving a drive way up into a group of houses.  To pave that driveway they had made drivers along along US Highway 20 drive at ten mph for about three or four hours.  Heaven only knows how long they kept that road tied up after we got through.

We arrived at our resort at about eight PM but we made it to check in, got unpacked and went to bed.  The next day we rested all day. We needed it.  WE didn’t have much food with us so we went about two miles to a tourist trap country store where we bought some butter, yoghurt, and had a couple of really wonderful turkey club sandwiches.  WE did go to the pool and do water aerobics (not a usual Sunday Activity, but we couldn’t locate a nearby church). It was very good.  We were both “stove up” from travel.  We hadn’t been able to to any aerobics on the ship.  The main pool on the ship was under repair and the smaller pool was so deep we didn’t have much success.  Monday may have been the nicest day of our vacation so far.   I need to explain that, to our surprise, we had seen very little in fall color in Boston, or at any of the ports on the way to Nova Scotia (or in Nova Scotia for that matter) but as we got half way to the Berkshires the color began to show, and right here  around our lodge the view is absolutely breathtaking.  Monday we drove to Bennington, Vermont where Janet wanted to go the Museum and work on Genealogy.  On the way we stopped at an “Apple Barn” which was a very pretty place with pumpkins by the hundred’s for sale.  Indoors they had an esoteric selection of cheeses, a lot of apples of all kinds and an interesting little shopping nook where everything was on sale and Janet did most of her Christmas shopping. (She Christmas shops all year).  We made our way through Bennington sight seeing till we got to the museum.  Janet had a lot of fun and got a lot of information at the museum.  She found that three of her ancestors were named in a quit-claim deed where William Bradford had given land to some of the citizens of Rehoboth (I think!!!) and she located military records of others from some Indian skirmishes and the French and Indian war in particular.  We had a wonderful, awesomely beautiful trip back and finished the day with an apple cider donut (from the apple barn again) with cider and some vanilla bean ice-cream.  I know this doesn’t sound like an exciting day, but it is so beautiful here that just going outside is an experience.   We also bought a book of Clement Moore’s NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS with illustrations by Grandma Moses (She was from this place, and they have a room in the museum dedicated to her art), and a book written and illustrated by Miles Moses (Grandma’s descendent) about Johnny Appleseed  (John Chapman, a kinsman of Throop Chapman and Welcome Chapman, two of the persons we were researching.

This is a little disjointed, but the day was so beautiful and fun that I just had to write about it.


At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Kathleen said...

Living in Florida, I miss the fall and the changing of the leaves. Glad the trip was so wonderful.


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