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Three score and ten or more

Sunday, July 31, 2011

seventy seven

          Some time during the day today, I became seventy seven years old.  To be honest, I never expected to reach that age.  When I started blogging and titled the blog “THREE SCORE AND TEN OR MORE”, I was a little over a year more, now I find my self asking, if I make it three more years , should I change the name of the blog?

What is really strange is the fact that I have lost almost seventy pounds in the past year or so, and, I am really in the best functional health I have been in for four or five years.   I can walk all the way across the yard without support, using walking poles (something like ski poles) i can walk almost a mile for exercise , I may try mowing the lawn  Monday.  Janet and I are flying out to Salt Lake City to get to our family reunion (it feels strange to be the oldest sibling in the family now).  Janet had such a miserable flight coming home from Washington she had decided to let me go alone to the reunion, even though we had paid for the tickets  several months ago.  She has relented and decided to go with me, but I think this may be our last airplane ride ever.  People may just have to come visit me.

I have given much of my old wardrobe to Good Will.  At first it was giving away the size forty six inch waist trouser (I am a bit embarrassed I how many pairs I had).  Then I gave away the forty fours, and forty twos, and now I am down to forties, with a few size thirty eights, though the thirty eights still take an effort to button.  Whee, aint life fun. 

Computering is getting difficult.  My best computer has slowed to a walk, so I invested thirty bucks into one of these “clean your registry programs, and it went from slow to stop.   I only got it running again by un-installing the program, but that took almost two hours.

I will now go back to writing about something else.  I am making slow progress on NOT DADDT’S LITTLE BOY”, it takes lot more effort since much of this new material came after Eric move out or our home.  I promise that I will try to write something interesting at least once a week.  More than that, I can’t promise (I have trouble even thinking about something intersting, let alone writing it.   I wish I could recover more of my mental strength that was I have recovered physically.

*To top off the rest of my whining, I wrote the above post on July 23, but when I tried to post it, it got all messed up because Georgia Southern University, dumped its E mail server and converted to Google, (g mail and other things) and my post to blogger now had duplicate Google accounts.  I took me this long to get my account name straightened out..  Sigh!!


At 5:45 PM, Blogger Ed said...

Well as long as you keep posting, I'm going to keep on stopping by and reading what you have to save. I think I have since you started the blogging scene and I found it. I sincerely hope that we both are around to see this blog change to Four Score or more.

At 8:35 PM, Blogger Darlene said...

Good to hear from you again,
Dick. I am so glad that you are feeling so much better physically. I can relate to the mental side. I drive myself crazy at times, bemoning the fact that I can't seem to remember anything anymore. I used to have such a good vocabulary. It's amazing the things I forget.

As for posting, I only post once a week on Tuesdays. Dick has meetings at the church every Tuesday night so while I'm alone, I get on this computer. post, read a few other blogs and then before I know it, he is back. He has such a great time on Tuesday evenings. He is the ward clerk. Has been forever, it seems. But he meets first with his finance clerk who is such a great guy, but not so swift when it comes to doing his job. He is not that great on the computer, so has trouble learning as he keeps pushing wrong buttons. He like Dick so much and he comes over there every Tuesday to just be with Dick, and lots of times they just visit. Then the Bishop comes and they have a bishopric meeting. Often, the Bishop will invite Cole (Dick's finance clerk) to join them. They do transact all of the business at hand and then they just hang out until about ten oclock or so just visiting and having a lot of good laughs. They all love each other so much. We have such a great Bishop and they are all so much fun. He is such an emotional Bishop that often times he tears up when he is talking in Sacrament Meeting. I have often said I wouldn't give you two cents for a man that never cries.

Anyway, it's good to read your post. You might go over to mine on Tuesday nights or during the week. Tonight I wrote quite a bit about my ongoing problems with my implant supported dentures. I know you were a bit interested in this before. It's at Grandma Robbin's Nest in case you have forgotten. I know that once in a while you visit Sue's blog and you can get me from there by just going to her side bar where there is my blog posted.

Hope that Jan is doing better. I can so sympathize with her. I am just not a good traveler anymore, so don't do it much. We will be going to Lake Tahoe the middle of the month for Rich's (our only son') wedding. He is marrying a wonderful girl that we all just love who has three very young children, so Rich will be helping to raise another family. They all get along togther so well though and Rich is putting a second story on his beautiful home that was just too small for all of them. He has three (the oldest one is the only one who has left the nest) The house will have six bedrooms and I think four baths.

Take care and know that I think about you and love you lots.

At 5:02 PM, Anonymous Kathleen said...

Ditto Ed. I love your posts and drop in every so often to catch up. Hope your visit and travel goes well. Hopefully you will not roast in this summer oven.

At 5:23 AM, Blogger Ed said...

Not sure if you would catch my answer to your comment on my blog so I'm posting it here.

I think we have talked about our common John Chapman ancestor though I don't think they are the same. I have run across Welcome Chapman and his family in my research but they don't seem to cross mine at least after mine arrived in Iowa in the 1840's. For now, I haven't been able to trace a likely father for my John Chapman when he was in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania because there are just so many of them there.

I have run across two difficulties with this line. One, John Chapman is a very common name and two, everyone want their John Chapman to be related to THE John Chapman, a.k.a. Johnny Appleseed.


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