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Three score and ten or more

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Observation and reflection

I  was pleased and excited when the word came out on Sunday that Osama Bin Laden had been hunted down and killed.  No man ever deserved his fate more that Osama.  I am somewhat disquieted by the constant celebration on air of that event.   I was troubled as a watched the ceremonies at the World Trade Center.  I found my self wondering where the President was during the ceremonies last Sept. in that location.

I have to admit, I really dislike President Obama.  When he was elected I was unsurprised.  I had predicted his election in this blog over a year earlier.  I was a little uncomfortable about it, but I felt that”Okay, he’s the President, he’s also my President, I want him to succeed.”  Almost everything he has done since then has worked to what I feel is the imminent decline of the U.S. A.   Anyone who has read this blog for awhile knows that I have some sympathy with the idea of some sort of Government supplied medical care for everyone, but what has evolved is a distortion of everything practical.  It has already driven my personal medical expenses up by about twenty percent, and I am now living (literally) on Medicare, a form of governmentally sponsored health plan.  I can’t imagine it doing anything but harm to medical practice and distribution.

I don’t want to spend every word of this post on the negatives of Obama, but the prospect of him being re-elected for another term makes me fear for my country.  Having said that, and having watched TV news, from as many different sources as I could organize here in my time-share condo, I am not sure but what the final undignified act that Osama Bin Laden has done in his demise,is to re-elect the current President for another term.

What troubles me almost as much is that we Republicans and other conservatives seem to be going out of our way to help him. 

Georgia passed a law in the last legislative session that could be called and Arizona Law.  When I left for vacation the Governor hadn’t signed it yet.

Now, being conservative (which derives from the term “conserve” which means to protect and keep those things that are good available for our use) I bow to no man in my desire to get control of the Border.  Without better control we have Osama’s disciples coming across the border for killing and sabotage.  We have the Mexican Drug cartels making war on Mexican citizens on their side and spreading it to war on many people on our side of the border.  How are we trying to conserve and protect ourselves?  By scaring the heck out of everyone with a Hispanic or  specifically  Mexican heritage.  We spread news of how Mexicans are flooding the health care system, bleeding our towns of school space, sucking blood out of the welfare system and that is all a load of crap

Mexicans buy food, clothing, cars and all that stuff in the towns in which they live.  That means they are paying sales tax.  Not all of them rent expensive housing, but they all rent (or buy) houses, and either directly or indirectly pay real estate taxes.  The economic value of what they do is testified to by the fact that it is difficult  to keep a business in our part of the country going without giving Spanish language names to products. 

Most of the Mexican’s with whom I am acquainted (of both the legal and illegal immigrant status) are by nature very socially conservative.  Most save their money, go to church, believe in as high a morality as our society tolerates, and are among the hardest workers found anywhere.  (good research has established that, but just being around when they are working tells you this is true).   By spreading all the crap about welfare, schools etc. Republicans and conservatives have been and are doing all they can to scare people of Mexican descent away from the party that is their natural home.  We complain that the Democrats are loosening restrictions, making sanctuary cities, (which does encourage the crooks among the Hispanics to make trouble) in order to build a large Mexican American vote.  This is true, but it wouldn’t be as true  if Hannity and the talking heads didn’t spend so much energy making sure that no sensible Mexican does anything but fear Republican and conservatives.  

I am fearful that the combination of the recent glory of Obama and our constant denigration of anyone Mexican will re-elect the President.

Look around the emergency room of the hospitals around you and count the number of Caucasian,  African American, and Hispanics and evaluate for yourself how many of the non-payer type are in which category.  Our Georgia Law has most of the farmers in this largely rural agricultural state panicking about how the crops will be harvested, thinned and maintained.  The attack on business men that hire Hispanics has already closed factories in Georgia without the Arizona bill.   Most of the provisions of the law would be acceptable to Mexicans if they didn’t already fear that the Republicans are out to get them.  Sure, some Mexican labor gets paid in cash under the table without paying income tax, but in the South, about fifty percent of the carpenters (white guys mostly) tree  trimmers (tree surgeons? ) and day labor of many kinds  get paid the same way.  I know of people for whom the closest they have come to ever paying income tax to to have their employers (sometimes with out them knowing it) submit 1099s on them as individual contractor.  Why single out brown faces for investigation and accusation on that account.

Well that’s enough steam let out for the night.  Tomorrow I go back to vacation reporting or something like that.


At 10:59 PM, Blogger Darlene said...

Wow!! You are really back to expressing your political feelings, aren't you? You have hit the nail on the head though as far as Obama is concerned. I absolutely cannot stand the man. He is so puffed up with his own importance that I can hardly stand to listen to him. I too worry about our country and where he has taken us. Unfortunately, our country is so deaply in debt that I fear our grandchildren and great grandchildren will still be saddled with the burden of our national debt.

As for the the border. We must control them because if we didn't, we would have even more of the illegals that are of the bad variety and goodness knows we have enough crime as it is. I too know a lot of really next Mexican people . We have a rather large Spanish Branch here and they are very hard workers, but a lot of them are undocumented. Our poor state is so bankrupt that we cannot adequately educate our chilren because of the great influx of Mexicans. It is a real problem here. Our emergency rooms are full of them and we do have to take care of them. They mostly work for cash and then they send the money back to family in Mexico. I don't know what the answer is, but we have so many Mexican gangs here and the crime rate is so high. The problem is that we don't have enough jails to hold them all, so many of them get released too soon and some don't have to go to jail at all. There must be some way to solve this problem, but I certainly can't imagine that anyone ever will.

I can remember so well when Ronald Reagan was our Governor. He had everything working so well that we had a huge surplus of money, so what did he do? He sent every tax payer a refund, yes he did. I can remember getting ours. Why can't govenments run like our California one did during his term?

Enough, I just would like nothing better than to not have to worry about this, but I do.........all the time.

I do hope that you and Jan are feeling better by now. Take care both of you.

Also, please forgive typos, I just don't have enough energy to edit this. I am off to bed.


At 11:48 AM, Blogger Sue said...

Good points, all, and an interesting read.



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