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Three score and ten or more

Monday, April 11, 2011

A day of—well, sort of rest.

Got the children off to the plane yesterday, snd sort of ran out of gas for the rest of the day.  (Missed church to get the children to the airport).

Today we went to water aerobics, something we have missed for a while because of Janet’s broken toe., and spent the morning finishing off the monthly bills. 

This afternoon we took advantage of Dish network donating some channels of STARZ for our use for awhile and watched a movie that I had not heard of (2009 release) called LAST STATION.  It was a telling of the last days of Leo Tolstoy’s life, and while the writing had some early flaws, the overall effect of watching two of the best actors now working (Helen Mirren and Christopher Plumber tearing up the scenery and moving me to frequent tears, was a real joy to this old actor, director, teacher.  If you get a chance to watch t , do. 

I also watched a film version of an Oscar Wild play that I didn’t’ know (and can’t remember the title– RELATIVE VALUES or something like that) with Julie Anderson and a Colin Firth of about ten or fifteen years ago.  It was very fun.  Wasted the day, in other words.  I hope to do or see something that stirs me to write something coherent tomorrow.


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