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Three score and ten or more

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Here we are and have been since Sunday evening on vacation at our time-share on beautiful Hilton Head Island.  The weather is beautiful and our condo is beautiful.  We have three bedrooms, big flat screen TV’s in every bedroom, two pools, one indoor and one outdoor, the indoor pool with a sauna, the outdoor pool with a hot tub (we don’t need three bedrooms, but someday we will invite people who can get vacation time in May.)

Usually we occupy ourselves by trying to find new restaurants, doing water aerobics every morning, sitting in the sun by the outdoor pool during the late afternoon, and prowling the shops during the day.  There is a lovely weight room, pleasant lounge with a bunch of books left by others which one can take and read (and hopefully return).

The day before we were to come, Janet came down with a cold and it has worsened almost every day.  Yesterday she went to bed a little early and took an ambien because she hadn’t slept soundly the night before.  Today she slept until about four P.M.  We made dinner out of the leftovers from our meal last evening at The Old Oyster Factory (delightful service and excellent food but neither of us has completely finished a meal in a restaurant in a year.  I think they call us the white take home box kids)  The meal, even in its second manifestation was delicious.  We watched a little TV, messed with our computers (I didn’t mention that the condo has free Wi-Fi, unsecured so I  wouldn’t do my banking on it) and bedded down early.  I had a terrible back episode just before we left so I got a dose pack of prednisone from my neurologist and started taking it.  The back pain is gone, but prednisone always makes me late to bed and early to rise, so I got out of be to write this at about one A.M.  To top it off, I have picked up Jan’s cold so I have a mild sore throat as well.

The fact is we haven’t done anything we usually do except hit a couple of nice restaurants.   The real vacation has been to sit in the condo and not feel a need to go out in the yard and trim bushes or vacuum the pool or anything else.  Pure useless loafing, but I guess when one had passed  the center post of the seventies a little useless loafing aint that bad.  We have plans to go to the pool tomorrow morning.  First time all week.  We’ll see how that works out.  At least I could watch all the Osama bin Lauden news and if Janet gets tired of it she (or I ) have a variety of TVs.


At 10:37 PM, Blogger Darlene said...

Oh Dick, I am so sorry that you and Jan had that lovely vacation and beautiful place to stay and both of you felt so rotten. I do hope Jan is recovered and that you are recovering. Although, once you have a bad cold like that it usually takes quite a few days to get rid of it. I will pray for you both.

At least you got to have a couple of wonderful meals. Whenever we go out, I always have to take one of those little (and sometimes big) boxes home with me too. I really can't eat much food at night for some reason. I do better at breakfast and lunch. And I still haven't lost the ten pounds I gained over the Christmas Holidays. Makes me so darned mad because my clothes are getting tight and I hate that.

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Norma said...

Hope you both have a wonderful, restful time, and don't OD on OBL.


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