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Three score and ten or more

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

When you can’t trust a hospital

My grand-daughter is going into a hospital tomorrow for surgery on her shoulder. A week ago Sunday she fell and broke her shoulder.   Her mother took her to the hospital emergency room.  (A place where she has been before.  She is a diabetic as well as epileptic so she can’t drive herself.  She has been in and out of this hospital often, usually with ketoacidosis which frequently keeps her in ICU.   Truth to tell, she has now always been a perfect patient)   They don’t like her much anymore, so they did an xray, told her there was nothing serious wrong with her and sent her home.  She was actually left outside, waiting for a ride.

He mother picked her up.  She was in such pain that she was taken home, her mother dug out a sling from a medical supply and tried to take care of her.  She was in such pain that her mother had to bathe her (She is in her twenties)  Finally they took her to a different hospital, where they looked at her shoulder which was visibly broken stabilized the sholulder and referred her to a Orthopedist,  The orthopedist examined her and told her that her shoulder was broken so badly that she will have surgery tomorrow to completed rebuild (replace, one of those things) the whole ball and socket part of her shoulder.

I guess the only thing I want to say further, is that, if you are ever in Ocala Florida and you have an accident, avoid West Marion (Marian-I’m not sure of the spelling) Hospital at all costs.  I think one would be better off lying in the street praying for Emergency service to come along.


At 7:13 AM, Blogger Sue said...

That is a cautionary story, but not all that surprising. When my eldest son was small, the ER told us his arm was not broken. He suffered for two days before I decided to take him to a specialist, who immediately diagnosed a broken elbow.

Sheesh. How hard should it be???



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