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Three score and ten or more

Monday, June 27, 2011

Going Home

Tomorrow at 6:46 A.M. (and I won’t be late for the plane again) we leave Washington to go back to Georgia.  I am on a little break from packing.

I just picked up a June 1957 copy of TV Guide from the detritus of a yard sale in which some of my family participated.  I was interested to find a major article about media manipulation by politicians and discovered that one of the early and most successful of media-manipulators was the estimable Bill Moyers, working, at that time as  press  secretary for Lyndon Johnson (yes, that Bill Moyers whom we are told is so objective and fair that his fecal matter fails to stink even if it falls on the ground)

The article went on to point out media manipulation by all presidents since that time (and implies that it existed before that time as well.)

A second article in the same issues calls Jimmy Carter on the same charge and says that he had no identifiable political phylsosphy except to manage his message (or massage as it says) to match the polls of that time. 

It was interesting to see  the identification of these things fifty-plus years ago years ago,  In politics, the more things change, the more they stay the same. 


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