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Three score and ten or more

Saturday, September 11, 2010

No more whining

I just had to try to post this.  (I did succeed on getting it to my facebook page)

I have directed more than a hundred plays of all kinds, in addition to which, since 1962, when I began puppetry to supplement my stipend and feed my (then) four kids.  I started with the occasional birthday party using a script and puppets from an article by Jim Henson in a popular magazine.  I shifted gears and continued to so puppetry at a variety of levels while my main focus was theatre.  In 1987 it became the focus of most of my creative activity.  I taught classes, gave workshops, and my students produced (under my direction) three to four puppet performances every year.  After all this activity, much of which I think very proudly, occasionally I see a puppet performance that makes me think of my seventy five plus years as “still” an aspiring puppeteer.  I think this is wonderful.  I hope the link works again.http://video.mail.ru/mail/wad58/video.mail.rumailwad58/1181.html


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