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Three score and ten or more

Friday, July 02, 2010

Sorry bout that

It never would have occurred to me when I did the last four posts in a week that it would be over a month before I would post again, but it has been one of those months.

I while ago Patrick   the Redneck and I spent a few posts each on what he called “organ recitals” that is, explication of the various physical problems we were having.  If I were to explain what has been going on for the last month, it would start a new series and I think organ recitals have run their course.  But, Janet and I have therapied (she says that the real word is terrorized), doctored, shot and pilled and  we have lived through it.

When one owns time-share properties in a variety of places it is really miserable to have to try to schedule vacations between doctor appointments.  It gets still more confusing when we have children and grand children  both in Florida and Washington State (and great grand children in Florida) whom we would like to see.  As it is, the only real victory was that we finally got the algae out of our swimming pool, but that is in contrast with the fact that the hot-tub (which has been one of the things that kept me walking for the past two weeks) quit working the day after the swimming pool came to life.  (When we bought our house we had always wanted a pool, now I’m not so sure.)

I have a number of semi-historical (hysterical?) posts in my mind (iincluding a final high school teacher episode, and I will try to get al least one out each week.   Sigh!!!


At 3:40 PM, Blogger Barry the Barbarian said...

I was wondering about you - hoping for the best of course.


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