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Three score and ten or more

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bonus -Shmonus, Congress Has Become a Mob.

I was much too gentle in my last post. I spent much of yesterday watching C span and shuddering at the spectacle of a congress with the apparent IQ of a dozen free range eggs (several of which are overripe)competing against each other in Mob Rule. It is revealing that the two most disgusting example of virulence were both from Massachusetts . It is easy to picture slobbering Barney Frankenfurter and his colleague the "contract lawyer" (God help the honest man the comes before him) elbowing each other out of the way to get the first torch onto the "witches of Salem" Each of them made Joe McCarthy at his worst look like a pantywaist.

Barney demanded the names of those who legally (if not wisely)received bonuses (thanks to the intervention of the administration and Christopher Dodd into the final part of the bailout bill) and declaring that he would not keep them secret (moments after he had been informed that AIG executives had been receiving death threats.) thus, in essence, threatening their lives. Such extortion in a legitimate situation would have had Frankenfurter in cuffs for such an act.

His friend from Massachusetts suggested that Mr. Liddy should have told them that he was voiding their contracts (remember he is a CONTRACT lawyer) and let them carry it to the courts. As I remember he said that they would all be dead of old age before the courts settled that one. Wouldn't you like to have a contract with a firm that he represents.

The disgusting thing is that these mobocrats seem to have stirred up the mob to the stage that the congress has passed (with many threats and screams) a bill so obviously unconstitutional and immoral that the victims of the law would appear to a rational mind to be Saints in comparison. None of the victims has been shown to have broken any law, or done anything that was not PROTECTED by the wording of the bailout bill. The frothing screaming demagoguery of the congress is a typical action to a bunch of "slithy toads" who want to distract the populace into not noticing that it was all THEIR fault for voting on legislation that they had not even read nor did they have a clue what it was really doing. Unfortunately much of the population of this country has fallen for the act and is joining in on what is the obvious equivalent of a witch burning or a lynching. The most rational minds seem to be saying "Wait a minute, lets not lynch them without a trial, lets hold a trial and THEN lynch them."

In my three quarters of century, the incarceration of many Japanese Americans at the beginning of World War II is almost the only act of our government that is more shameful that what is going on this minute.

I hereby suggest that the only reasonable way to get congress to act rationally is for every voter to vote against EVERY incumbent, that we might get some fresh uncorrupted people into our congress.


At 11:37 AM, Blogger Norma said...

I have never been so ashamed of our Congress as I was at the Liddy hearings. What buffoons. Do TV cameras cause these people to go insane?

At 11:38 AM, Blogger exMI said...

I agree.


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