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Three score and ten or more

Friday, January 23, 2009


I promise that I will finish the Utah trip, if only because members of my family will kill me if I don't, but today was just a fun day.  Jan went out with one of her friends  for a bit of decadence (or at least as decadent as she can be) in her friend's car with no family member hovering to make sure she was okay.  Their decadence for years has been to go out periodically and have a diet Dr. Pepper float.  (With ice cream and everything)

While she was off playing I went to get parts for a compressor that had died, and the guy at the welding shop showed me how do repair it all by myself (with no bill)

WE got together for dinner of some potato soup that had been left by a friend (The folks at church are still working hard to make sure we don't starve.) and then watch our DVD of the opera Falstaff with the Royal Opera Covent Garden.

To those who don't know, (an I am always surprised at the number) this is an opera restaging of Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor which is one of the many that I have never directed (although Jan has) but I have seen it (and our video) enough times that I have always been able to follow the dialogue  pretty closely.  Today, I couldn't , perhaps because of general loss of memory, perhaps because it has been awhile, or whatever, and I found myself jut sitting back to enjoy Verdi's music and admiring the consummate acting by Renato Bruson who played the leading character.

The Buckbasket scene was hilarious, and I smugly thought that Janet had staged it with better timing, though she didn't have to worry about music and a libretto that demanded singing from the buckbasket by Falstaff.  (To those who have missed this scene, Falstaff has tried to seduce two different women (using the same loveletter for each). They catch on to him, invite him to an assignation and  arrange for everyone in town (including their husbands) to show up looking for him.  They also trick  him into hiding in a large laundry basket (the buckbasket) which they arrange to have thrown into the river (with him inside, wrapped in women's laundry).  You don't have to understand a word to get the picture.    To make a long story short, we watched the opera, cheered for everyone, sat though the curtain calls and Janet went to bed.  I came to the computer for a while but will soon go watch Numbers (one of my many vices).  The only problem is that she can't yet get into our "sleep number" bed in a waterbed frame, and there isn't room for us both in the bed she is now using.   We have to be satisfied with snuggle on the couch for Falstaff etc.

I still sing her to sleep with the Gershwin tune Our Love is here to stay  ( I have done that almost every night since her surgery in Finland, but now she joins me and we sing a duet.


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