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Three score and ten or more

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back Again

After writing that whining plea for sympathy or something, I just blacked out as far as posting on line is concerned.  I couldn't get past the feeling that the whole world was going to hell in a handbasket.  I really know, and knew, that this was not the case.  Oh well.

Just some silly meditations on things I see:


First is the vanilla rapper that is doing commercials for Free Credit Report.com.  I think that it is every actor's night mare and every actor's secret wish to get an ongoing commercial like that.  I am sure that this young man started out to be a Star.  (Indeed he may be a star in some part of the music world to which I don't have entree).  My hunch is, that right now, he couldn't make as much consistent money on tour while being a star (though star musicians make a kind of money that the musicians I knew growing up would be stunned if they knew  the income that comes from a current pop or rock tour)

I remember going to see The Allman Brothers, Ike and Tina Turner, and the Rolling Stones in the college gymnasium across the street from my old house, and I know that NO big star now (and darn few little ones) would consider playing a venue of that size any more.  But our young friend from Free Credit Report.com is now drawing a pay check far in advance from that  received by the Stones and Allman back in the pre-history.

Commercials are funny.  I once was in the same room with the actor who played the lonely repairman for Maytag, and he made the point that he had been a working actor in films and on Broadway for forty years, but that it was Maytag that was going to provide a pension for his old age (he was close to there already) and an inheritance for his progeny.  The interesting thing is that the singer, actor, rapper will probably be able to turn this gig into some kind of a STAR thing but he may be making as much as he will ever make right now.  Have you noticed that his current gig is so successful that Com Cast the cable network is now running commercials that are almost direct plagiarism of the Free Credit Report Commercial.

Well, Janet is at least partially out of her wheelchair after three months and is using her walker, and we are back in Water Aerobics (which I recommend for all of the coot and geezer set) .  I am finally sitting at the computer and hope to post something that is of genuine interest soon.   I am troubled enough to discard my promise to avoid politics though it will not be an ongoing thrust of my blog.  Hopefully I will find some stuff and put it on line often enough to reclaim  some of my old readers.


At 6:03 AM, Blogger Gayle said...

Richard, I can honestly say I have never thought of you as a whiner. You definitely don't come across tht way! I'm also extremely glad to hear that your dear wife is doing better. Thank God!

As for the kid doing the "Free Credit Report.com" commercials, yep... he's going to be set for life if he knows how to take care of his earnings. Of course he's going to be taxed out the kazoo, but then, so are we all. It's going to be quite a chore to pay taxes in 2010, but enough of that. I won't "whine" either. LOL!

I absolutely detest commercials, but at least the Free Credit Report.com one is catchy! Compared to some of the commercials on television any more, it's pure genius. Like this one, for example. LOL!


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