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Three score and ten or more

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Well it's done, sorta. We're "moved?"

Last week was one of the most hectic days of our lives. We had a lot of friends volunteer to come help us pack things, but we weren't able to use their services because the biggest task was sorting into KEEP, YARD SALE, DONATE, and TOSS OUT.

Saturday we had about twenty guys and five or six women from our church come to help us move. We had a twenty four foot truck and filled it (and emptied it) twice. We now have two residences and they are both an almost unbelievable mess ( though the new one is a really clean mess), as well as a lot of exhausted members or our church family.

We didn't move the computers because they change over our phones (and thus our DSL) during the next week, so I probably won't post anything else for a while. I would like to send pictures of things as they are right now, but I can't find my camera bag (probably in the last box we unpack). We moved mostly the big things, so last night I realized that I didn't have a pair of clean trousers in the new house to wear to church this morning, so I drove back home, picked them up (bought some shower curtain rings as well) and got home (new house, where I now have a bed) pretty late, but hung they shower curtains so we could get clean in the morning and hung up my rescued trousers. This morning Janet got into the shower, and the next thing I heard was "Where are the tooth brushes and my make-up?"

Back to the old house to get toothbrushes and other necessities!!. I have a feeling that the next week will be laden with commuting tasks. I am sure that there was a reason why we decided to do this, but right now, it seems vague. I'll post again when and if the computers are working.


At 7:10 AM, Anonymous Kathleen said...

Oh my. I really hate the thought of moving. I suppose that is why I have lived in this house for more than 30 years!

Here's to your brave hearts, stamina and sense of humor. Best wishes to you and Janet in your new home.

At 3:53 PM, Blogger Norma said...

May all your pieces parts come together soon and live happily ever after.

At 12:48 AM, Blogger Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

06 19 07

Glad to know you guys have made the move. I hope you post soon and update us:) Always a pleasure reading your posts, Richard.


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