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Three score and ten or more

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Strange- Withdrawal.

It is now Wednesday evening, August 23, 2006, and my DSL has been down since Sunday. Now, I go on trips all the time where I can’t access the internet for three or four days, --- sometimes a week, and I don’t have any sign of withdrawal. I live without a daily dose of Saurkraut, Born Again Redneck, Polanco, ExMI, Gayle, Thotman, Mental Meanderings, the puppetry sites, the dollmaker’s list, or any number of computer driven addictions. I just go on without them.

But there is something about the computer sitting there with all its lights on, all its programs running, and a dead DSL Modem that was promised me by noon yesterday that just drives me batty. I come in here and look at the Explorer icon, the Firefox icon, the Outlook icon, and play a few games of solitare. I have sorted through an enormous list of old emails, most of which I should have deleted when I read them, but now I delete them or sort them into folders. I get out the slide scanner and scan pictures of plays that I did in 1970 and which I have promised to scan then donate to the University. I clean the mold off from 1954 slides of missionary experiences and Finnish Scenery from the 50’s, and scan them. ( I may have to post some just to justify the time spent on them.) I wish I hadn’t tossed the old CD of dial-up applications for Frontier (my ISP and phone company) and I go through all of my existing CD’s hoping to run across it. I do something weird to my keyboard and end up with text underlined and RED and don’t have a clue how to make it quit.

Then I play a few games of Spider solitaire, Regular Solitaire , clickomania, then I run blithering around the house. I want my DSL. I wantmy DSL/

This is the last of the posts I tried by hook, crook and laptop to post, while whining about my lack of computer access. All computers are now up and running properly on DSL. Now, I probably won't be able to think of anything to say.


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