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Three score and ten or more

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lost soul

Not that I really expect the world to miss my maunderings, but (this is Thursday the 24th) last Sunday I went out to dinner and came home to find that the dial tone on my phones was gone and that my DSL was defunct. I called the phone company and they promised that someone would come fix the phones. Meanwhile the phones returned to service spontaneously (except the portable that also served as my answering machine) but the DSL remained dead. I called the ISP and after having me run some tests the tech determined that my modem was dead. This was to be replace by tuesday, and after some agitated telephone work today it finally came. Unfortunately it didn't work so, after the new tech took me, and then second son through a bunch of tests the new tech confessed herself bewildered. Finally I dug out the laptop which was not hooked up Sunday and we determined that the network cards in all three computers are fried. I actually have three or four posts saved somewhere in WORD that I will eventually send bu at least I am alive, and can quit wandering around the house blithering from blog withdrawal. My new modem has limited wireless capability and we have at least one wire that works. I am so glad that second son walked in as the tech was taking me to task, at least he spoke her language.


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