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Three score and ten or more

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One more dang thing done

It is over.  I spent most of the last two days getting my second cataract removed.  The surgery didn’t take much time, but the eye practice operating room got a little clogged.  I think half a county must have been there for eye surgery, so we spent a lot of time waiting, both on Monday and Tuesday.  We didn’t get home until pretty late in the evening on Tuesday. 

The surgery went fine. I have no inflammation and I can see pretty well.  The eye tested at 20/20.   The only problem is getting used to it.

I have been near-sighted as long as I knew I was sighted.  Basically I have lived in a world where, if I could touch something, if it were within arms reach, I could see it.  If it happened to be out of  my arms reach, it was blurry and I needed my glasses to see it clearly.  

If someone has big bucks, it is possible to get a cataract removed and the lens replaced with a built in bifocal.  I don’t have big bucks so I had to have a single focus lens.  This results in a world where, I can touch it, if it is within arms reach, it is blurry.  In other words, after 77 and a half years of being near sighted, I am now far sighted.  It is wonderful to see things far away clearly, and the colors are so much brighter, but it is confusing to be in a store, and without putting on some reading glasses I don’t know the cost of anything.  Of course, if I don’t take the glasses off, things get really distorted.  When you are three score and ten or more years old, that is downright confusing.

I will get used to it, and the vivid colors and clear vision in the distance make it worthwhile.  (Even the colors are so vivid that I invested in a good pair of sunglasses.  Seems self defeating doesn’t it?  I ought to be satisfied with the world as it comes---Right????   I neve have been before.

Tomorrow I go into the hospital to get a shot, or two, in my spinal cord that is supposed to remove enough pain in my back and left leg that I can walk upright like the rest of the world.  I promise that if it even HALF successful, I will be thrilled, and will not complain about it even if it is different.


At 1:26 PM, Blogger Ed said...

You are now like my father whom I tease by offering to hold his book so he can read the thing properly.


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