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Three score and ten or more

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

New Stuff for Old

Janet had surgery on her hand (thumb joint replacement) and was in a lot of pain.  We went to our time-share on Hilton Head Island where she wouldn’t have do do anything except take the appropriate pain killers and iinfection fighters and, for the most part, she did just that.  We were not able to do our usual water aerobics, in fact a shower was a bit of a challenge, and we went somewhere (to dinner, to a shop, etc. every day for about an hour.   We got home Sunday and , in spite of doing almost nothing we were both so exhausted that we slept in late on Monday.  I was concerned that some of our plants had dried out a little and was going to water them when the skies cut loose with a real gulley washer (Idaho term).    

I had an apointment today to see the eye doctor at Medical College of Georgia.  My retina specialist had shown concern that my glaucoma was beginning to be a problem and that my cataracts (I didn’t know till then that I had such) were getting larger fast., so he made an appointment with one of the other doctors in the eye practice site to have these checked out.

I am now waiting to be told when to report to  surgery to have my cataracts removed.  My vision has really been getting crappy for the last year or two and I have been blaming it on bad prescription glasses, but it seems to be cataracts. 

Jan had her’s removed two or three years ago, and it made a wonderful difference in her life.  Hope it does the same for me.  I will post in advance when this will happen.  Think good thoughts.  My shiingles are much improved though my prescription for prednisone has expired  and I have waiting for them to let me know that I am no loner in control.

That’s all the personal stuff you will get from me, and in my nest post I will try to talk bout something of general interst. 


At 5:22 AM, Blogger Ed said...

We use gulley washer as far east as Iowa though in my neck of the woods, they say worsher instead of washer.

Hopefully when you get through this round of illnesses, surgeries and repairs, you are good to go for a few more years.


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