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Three score and ten or more

Monday, February 13, 2012


I have neglected this blog a lot.  I promised to note when I finished my cardio-cath in the hospital to let folks know I am still alive.  I AM.  Our cardiologist said that he was surprised and please that all the grafts from my 12 year old bypass are holding fine and that the “anomalies” that were noticed after my last stress test are just that, anomalies.   Thanks, I think, to acupuncture  and some energetic water aerobics I am feeling better than I have felt in two or three years. 

I walk upright like a normal homo sapien, work more in the yard than I have in some time, am making good progress toward getting my studio/shop into usable space (I haven’t done anything creative since we moved to our present home without a  studio) and about sixty percent of the junk in my office is off the floor and put away. (I can now do my taxes).  Things, for the time being are good (Knock wood).

I have set down at the computer every day for a month with a lot of stuff on my brain I wanted to write about, but ever time I do so I am so full of stuff it freezes.  I decided to make a small start and do baby steps to restart the blog.  With the help of my youngest son, I hope to get my web page up to the stage where it is usable and viewable.

If I get something more concrete and interesting in here tomorrow I’ll know that the strategy worked.


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