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Three score and ten or more

Friday, May 28, 2010

Out of town again

I know that this is an annoying habit, but someone has to do it.  I am vacationing again, back in a time share.  I have spent the last several days (since last Friday, and I probably won’t get this sent till tomorrow (next Friday) at Panama City Beach in Florida.  We had been a little concerned that the beach would get oily while we were here, but the weather has been beautiful, the water is so clear  you could read a newspaper through it  (if you could figure a way to get the newspaper under water without it melting). 

Janet’s health has been a bit iffy.  If we go to the pool and do our water aerobics (we have to go first thing in the mornings or we don’t have space to play)  her leg hurts all day, and if we don’t , she feels “poorly”  otherwise.  We have compromised by sitting on our sixth floor balcony  and watching the waves come in, shopping (Janet is almost never too tired to shop) and finding new restaurants. 

The last time we were here (about three years ago) They were building bunches of high rise condominiums(both time share and residential) all along the beach.  I understand that they are mostly empty now.  I heard that one ten story building with two pools and beach access has six residents.  (I don’t even want to think what their condo-maintenance fees must be) but most of those buildings are now owned by the banks.  I passes a sign on Front Beach Road yesterday that advertised a three bedroom luxury  beach front year round condominium, fully furnished, for 99000 dollars. (obviously not counting the maintenance.) Three years ago, that would have been a good price for a three month time share.

Panama City Beach is a wonderful  place to stay for a week or two though.  the white sand beaches and warm ocean water are remarkable (I almost said unique but that be a misuse of the word). 

The businesses here are very frustrated because, lacking a hurricane, the currents etc. are such that they will not be touched by the oil, but many people have cancelled reservations and gone elsewhere.   For those of us here it makes for one of those rare times in Panama City Beach where it is not crowded

We have to pack today, we have to check out by 19:00 tomorrow morning (and I will be able to post this sometime tomorrow  evening.  (This place has internet available down in the lobby, and I have just been two lazy to hike down there to log in.  They have promised it in every room next year)

I just listened to President Obama’s Press Conference, so I will sign off or I will start blithering about politics.


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