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Three score and ten or more

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Its always interesting, at least to me.

I have been working harder (physically) than I have been able to do for some time getting out house ready for the renters.  They are officially moved in, (at least their stuff) but I am still touching things up.

I went in this morning to replace and ground four outlets in one of the bedrooms, since they were the only ones in the house that weren’t repaired earlier.  When I opened the door and turned on the lights, in the house- - - - Nothing.  The power was off.  I was a little concerned that the boys hadn’t made their power arrangements with Ga Power, but hey, I thought, that makes it easy to change out outlets.   I had two of them finished , and another removed when I grabbed a wire to attach it and BZZZZZ.   I let out a yell, dropped the wire, said a quick thank you that I wasn’t touching a solid ground and went to check the power.  Apparently Ga. Power had shut the house off for some reason and had just turned it on in time for me to experience a vital sensation.  I went in and turned off all the breakers (which I should have done even if the power was off) and went about my business.  But it was interesting.  The thought occurred to me that if I was electrocuted while Jan was out of town, she would just about kill me when she came home.  Anyway, a lot of things I should have fixed while we were living here are fixed now.

I read the news, listen to radio and TV. and worry so much that I think I should be posting about the matters of the day.  Patrick at “Redneck” wrote an article yesterday that was so cogent that he made me a little ashamed of filling the pages with fluff, but I still just save my gripes for comments on other blogs.  Analyzing everything that is going on has become too much work.  I really miss Gayles Dragon Lady Republican Blog but she seems to have hit the same block that has hit me.  She is almost to turn three score and ten (or more)


At 12:23 PM, Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Gayle's got a new blog:


And she now goes by the name of RaDena. She switched about a month ago to escape trolls.

At 8:41 AM, Blogger RaDena said...

Hi, Richard!

So sorry. I thought I had e-mailed you. I let a few choice people know where I was, and I thought I had included you. My bad!

Regarding your post, no... you should use your blog writing about what makes you feel the most comfortable. Not that writing about what's going on makes me feel comfortable, but politics is what I chose to blog about. I do get tired of it, but I'm not going to give it up just yet. Your blog, and a few other non-political blogs that I read really helps me get away from it all from time to time. You're an excellent writer and a pleasure to read.


At 4:19 PM, Blogger Norma said...

We all need a little fluff. I write fluff, then stuff then fluff again.


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