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Three score and ten or more

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lovely scenery

I'm in Washington and just had to report on a silly little incident. My son took us out north of Vancouver to a donut shop and to look around. As we were coming home, the traffic stopped on our lanes, and then on the approaching lanes of the five lane road (near a road called fourth plain). As we sat there, a mother duck with seven ducklings came waddling our from our lane into the next. The ducklings followed mama except for one that stopped to peck at the road for a moment. After that moment, he (or she, its hard to tell when they are barely fledged) turned, noticed that the rest of the family was already across the road and rushed to keep up. After the whole family were into the grass at the road side, traffic picked up and went on its way. There must have been forty or fifty cars hold place for a duck family. It was marvelous. The only bad thing was that by the time I got my camera up they were all long gone and traffic was moving as usual. There wasn't even a sign of anyone honking in the rear. It was if everyone had a feeling of something unique and precious.


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