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Three score and ten or more

Friday, May 09, 2008

Nothing New

I just had to say something. When one is all tied up with serious problems as Janet and I have been, I think that the result is something like constipation of the brain. For days and weeks I have been fretting about Janet's health, and it has made me a grouchy old--- whatever a constipated person is (my vocabulary is shrinking). I haven't been able to think about much else. Then, finally, I wrote a couple of posts, got information out to friends and family alike and find myself (still fretting about health) thinking about and analyzing the stuff that goes on around us.

Today we (Janet and I and two of our sons) went to the old house and collected flower pots, then went to the store and bought flower pots, then went to the nursery, to Lowes, to as many places as Janet had the energy to go (and probably a little more) and we bought impatients (or however those flowers are spelled) jasmine to plant around the pergola that was built last year, some lovely yellow flowers that I have never seen before, some ferns, some other flowering vines (Mandevilla and Bouganvilla) to climb the other parts of the pergola, and we planted and potted and hung baskets and (well I spent some time trying to get the hot-tub hot, for some dumb reason, since I got it wired it just wants to be warm, not hot) generally worked in the yard skimmed the pool, and decorated like mad.

I think that it is a sign that we really expect to be around for all the blooming and smelling and sitting in the shade.

When your brain is no longer constipated, and you get the things that trouble you out in the open you can think of other things. ( I think you folks that read this thing and either comment or email me probably, if things were fair in this world, could send me a bill for counseling, or whatever.) I am so glad the day went well. When we woke up this morning Janet could hardly walk and had a fierce headache from almost no sleep last night (I need to get her to blog too.) but as she showered (she has written a song about her love for hot water) and I surrendered to her desire NOT to go to the doctor, the day just got better and better.

( I probably, in spite of my no politics pledge, will write a grumpy post this week about the combination questionnaire and pledge letter I got today from the National Republican Party , but I'll save it for awhile.)
Good night


At 8:16 AM, Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

I'm sure the questionnaire and pledge letter I got today from the National Republican Party will mak eme grumpy too.

At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Kathleen said...

I haven't been here for some time and was unhappy to hear of Janets health problems and the upcoming surgery. It sounds like you are in very competent hands with your surgeon. I liked Gayle's post about how amazing you and Janet are in recognizing your blessings even when you are under such dire stress. I must confess, I could use a little more of that myself.

About the political scene...ARRRGH!

I will keep you and Janet in my prayers.

At 9:01 AM, Blogger Gayle said...

I got one of those questionnaires and a pledge letter from the NRP too. I'm not grumpy though. I've already given them a donation so I just trashed the thing! :)

Glad you're feeling better, Richard, and I pray that Janet will continue to improve. I wouldn't dare send you a bill for counseling 'cause you always uplift me. With all your problems you still maintain a positive attitude and that is most uplifting! :)

At 10:59 AM, Blogger Norma said...

Although I'm not much of a gardner, I think getting your hands dirty in God's earth and planting something that will bring you pleasure is an absolutely wonderful plan. Sorry that health worries are getting you down.

Yes, I got that Victory 2008 letter from Carly. I said until he stood up for our border, I wouldn't be sending anything.


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