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Three score and ten or more

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Deli Deli, Who’s Got the Deli?

I have some favorite deli’s.  Most of them are in New York and some are gone away.  I am particularly sad about the departure, a little bit at a time of Gottlieb’s deli in Savannah.  For my first twenty or so years in Georgia, we never made a trip to Savannah without a trip to Gottlieb’s. Sometimes we ate the Deli food which was delicious and other times we went mainly to the bakery which was a little bit of heaven.  After some years, they closed the downtown deli/bakery and moved to another part of town.  They gained something in space, but lost the sense of the history of the place.  Gradually it disappeared or moved but I lost a good friend.  Gottlieb’s was a deli infused with Southern Charm which made it very unlike a New York Deli, even though the food was often better.

Last week, and again today I went to a deli in Portland that had all the food appeal of Gottlieb’s but was the best “ New York” deli outside of Manhattan (there may have been some I missed, but I have made an effort to experience as many as my waistline could stand.  (A fair number of New York Deli’s have lost their reality by becoming tourist traps, and the atmosphere has gone away along with much of the food appeal)

This afternoon we went to Kornblatt’s Deli in Portland.  It was a deli to warm the heart of any deli lover.  We went, officially to get a cheesecake (some of the best your will ever eat) for my youngest son’s birthday party.  In reality we went because  we could hardly wait to get back after lunching there last week.  It was one of those delis where the bagels, made that day, seem to be just lying in wait for great cream cheese.  I’m not a lox lover, but just the appearance of lox being relished at a near by table almost made me weep.

The atmosphere is perfect with an intensely efficient waiter with a shaved head and the right accent, wearing a black T shirt with the sign “Shut up and eat” emblazoned on the back plopped a crock of dill pickles to die for on your with just the right degree of rudeness .  The pastrami was great, corned beef perfect and Janet had an omelete with cheese that almost chased the eggs down her throat.  If you are in the Portland area and are a deli fan you shouldn’t miss Kornblat’s


On a second point, I have someone who has stolen both of my E-Mail addresses and is using them to send out spam.  I first suspected when I began to receive Email from my self that was obviously spam.  For the last several months I have been receiving a hundred or more “Daemon” or postmaster message rejections a day.  The rotten shmuck (s?) sho do this are sending messages that have been rejected by the Netherlands, Russia, Germany, England and every state in the Union.  I checked with my computer saavy friends and computer engineer son to see what could be done and received the answer, Not a darn thing except lose the Email addresses and move to hotmail or . . . . . .

May the wiring on their computer servers  short out with bloody blasts of fire.


At 6:12 AM, Blogger Ed said...

In the urban jungle, there is a deli called the Manhatten Deli which I have fallen in love with. I absolutely love the sandwiches. Since I haven't eaten in a deli in New York, I can't tell you how it compares but if they are better, I'd certainly like to eat at one someday.

My money is that you actually have a computer virus sending emails and not someone who knows your email account password. It just doesn't make sense. If someone wanted to send out lots of spam, why go to the trouble of hacking someone's email account when email accounts can be created in seconds for free? My mom once got a virus that started sending out emails from her computer at a rapid rate. I disconnected it from the internet, did a virus scan, corrected the problem and she was back in business.

At 11:50 AM, Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

I think Ed is onto skomething: "you actually have a computer virus sending emails and not someone who knows your email account password."

At 6:27 PM, Blogger opit said...

Ditto on suspecting the Trojan diagnosis.Although there are Spam advisories going the rounds to fool people into downloading malware, the number you report is too extreme to make me believe that's all it is. I was so p.o.'d when my system didn't respond to an online scan by Panda - I have an ongoing Panda plan which expires next month - I had my Windows XP taken off the computer and installed Ubuntu Linux !
Assuming you're not ready to do that there are other options


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