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Three score and ten or more

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas—Well not quite yet

I’m going up to Columbia SC tomorrow to participate in a Messiah sing along.  I have been a passionate choir singer most of my life.  I have sung in and directed choirs  in  Idaho, Washington (just a little bit), Ohio, Rhode Island, New York, in four different cities in Finland, here in Georgia in five or six different choirs.  I have been a sort of always available bass.   Last year I sang with a choir at the University that I had sung with before, and almost for the first time, I found myself uncomfortable.  I just didn’t have the sense of everything.  I was beginning to have a lot of tempo problems, and when Janet fell down in the auditorium coming to our Christmas concert and broke her femur in multiple places, I think I just took it for a sign that my “career” as a choir singer was over.

I have been planning for quite awhile to go to Columbia for the wedding, Tuesday, of one of the Young Men that I taught in church several years ago.  He is finishing a degree at Georgia Tech and he and his fiancé will be married Tuesday in the Columbia LDS Temple.

A week or so ago my daughter, who lives in Columbia, called me to aske if I would be interested in coming a day early to participate in a “Sing along of Handel’s Messiah.  I probably have sung (bass part only)the Messiah at least fifty times in concert, and Georgia Southern University has sponsored a sing along Messiah four or five times (but not lately).  All my reservations about choir singing went away instantly.  The Messiah is one of my favorite pieces of music.  I have had to search the house high and low for my script, but I will charge into this one at full tilt.  I think this may be the first time I have sung the Messiah in the same choir with my daughter (who is the kind of alto that, when I was directing choirs, I would have killed (well not really, but you understand) to have in my choir.

Well, Halleluiah any way, it will be a fun evening tomorrow night. (I will weep  in some of the songs, I do that a lot since I passed three score and ten) but I will be full of joy anyway. 


At 9:42 AM, Blogger Darlene said...

How fun that will be for you. I too love singing the Messiah, but, unlike yours, my voice is gone. We have a stake Christmas program every year to which the public is invited. We actually have a great turnout both nights it is performed. Dick used to sing tenor in it, but had to quit when his vocal chords sorta stopped working. He is good for a couple of songs, but not for a whole concert. Each year they end with the Hallelujah chorus and everyone in the audience is invited to sing. Both Dick and I sing along with great gusto. This year, however, they didn't invite the audience to sing so that was a great disappointment. Wish we could be with you to experience that. So neat too that your daughter inherited yours and your Dad's ability to sing.

At 3:54 PM, Blogger Norma said...

How wonderful. Have a great time. It's a fabulous piece.

At 2:28 AM, Anonymous Beau said...

That sounds beautiful. I sang when younger in a couple choral groups. It was very rewarding... Merry Christmas to you, and may the New Year bring peace, joy and good health to your family.

At 9:36 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Sounds wonderful! I hope the experience not only met, but exceeded your expectations.



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