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Three score and ten or more

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coot reflections

I have had an artificial, expensive Upper Plate (that’s Dentist talk for false teeth on top) for about two weeks now.  Today was the first day that the dang thing got properly glued to the top of my mouth so that  nothing I chewed hurt me more than I hurt it.  I may survive this project after all, though I doubt that I will ever look in the mirror again without a slight question “Who is that smilin’ critter anyhow”

I made a couple of stupid decisions in my discussion with the Dentist and the lab folks.  I have had a weird bit all my life.  It is genetic and effected my dad, my brother and myself.  Our teeth hit directly on each other.  The top ones crunch on the bottom ones and wear little ridges.  Before my dad went for “falsies” both his top and bottom teeth were worn about half way down.  I  hadn’t worn so far, but I was worn.  The dentist asked me if I would like to continue the bite as it was or if I would like a more normal, slight overbite.  I voted for the overbite.  I also have had, for most of my life (It was corrected for awhile) a space between my two front teeth.  (Not  quite a “Terry Thomas” space, but a space anyway.

Would I like this corrected?   My folks paid a pile of money to have it corrected once before, though it didn’t last, so why not correct it now?  The result was that I couldn’t bite anything. (gradually fixed by the dentist) and I looked like a gigolo or something in the mirror.  Thank heaven I went for my current color.  If I had voted for whiter teeth with that smile I would have had to wear a mask forever;

But I may survive.  Today they stayed where I glued them (dentists don’t like the term “glued” but it is in fact accurate)  I chewed raw broccoli without even any major discomfort.  I am beginning to get acquainted with the guy in the mirror.  Now if I could just eliminate the clacking sound when the top layer hits the bottom layer. 

More than that.  I have always been a public speaker, a teacher of public speaking. a radio announcer, an actor.  Now my ambition is to make a clear “s” sound.  Sigh!


At 1:51 PM, Blogger Norma said...

Ouch! None of this sounds like fun. I still have all my teeth--even my wisdom teeth, and most of my original filings which are now older than my dentist(s). I hope to go to the grave and the resurrection with them. Life sure has adjustments, doesn't it?

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

It sounds like you adjusted fairly well. I have upper and lower partial plates. I seldom wear the lower because it hurts like hell.


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