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Three score and ten or more

Friday, March 30, 2007

Weird mixed up ideas.

Spent some time going too and fro from the hospital and found a couple of silly things to reflect upon..

  1. At the Medical College of Georgia Ambulatory Care Hospital (one of those which we attend for routine coot upkeep) they have a four story (actually five, counting the roof) parking garage for patients. Up near the front door and the elevators is a Handicapped section. For many years (my first trip here was in 1991) that was my parking place because I had serious walking problems, and when I didn't, Janet did (knee replacements, etc.) Sometime this year, between our appointments, someone decided that the parking places on the ground floor would be limited to "vans". They now have two security men, full time, standing in front of seven parking places chasing "non-vans" away. I drive a van, so logically, the first time I saw this, I parked there only to return at the end of the appointment to find one of the security men having conniptions because my van didn't have a lift. He let me go after my solemn promise not to sin again. This week I had my hair cut. I have known my barber for thirty years, and like all coots he has frequent repairs, but his wife is in serious condition having had back surgery and with metastasized breast cancer. While I was in the chair he was talking about taking his wife to the Oncologist (in the Ambulatory Care section). I discovered that once the security sleuths told him not to park in the van section, he told them to go to hell and give him a ticket on the way. He then parked the car, helped his wife into her wheelchair, and went into the hospital. Now they have a regular routine, he goes in, they give him a ticket which he takes to the Oncologist's office and the three people guarding seven parking places are all happy. Me? I just went up to the third floor where I parked near the elevator, used it and went on to Neurology. (By the way, most of the "van" parking spaces are empty all the time.)
  2. They have also added a security guard at the door whose sole function is to ask the driver entering if he/she is here for an appointment with a Doctor. Of course everyone in Augusta who doesn't have a doctor's appointment is going to park at the Ambulatory Care center. From there they can walk a mile to the Circle K to buy a drink, or they are running up to the hospital cafeteria for lunch. (Of course he takes your word for it so if you are coming without an appointment for a doctor you can just lie about it.)
  3. The hospital has installed new towel holders that expel paper towels after one waves his hand in front of a sensor. The towels expelled are the size of two squares of toilet paper. If you really want to dry your hands you have to get about five towels (which is overkill). It reminds me of the masterstroke by environmentalists that limits the amount of water in a home toilet, thus, instead of just flushing once and going about your business, one now must flush at least three times (using much more water) and occasionally getting out the plunger. The world is funny.

I know I have pledged no politics, but Chuck Hegel strikes me as a politician I'd like to attack if I were to do such things. (I wonder if his head would fit in a new style toilet, and how many flushes he would take- - - - ) I apologize.

A blogger I follow had a tantrum in her blog the other day calling Rush Limbaugh a liar. Now I am not a Limbaugh fan, but on the way to the hospital (or on the way home) I listened to Limbaugh. (I hate it when I have to defend Limbaugh) . His program format is such that he really doesn't have the opportunity to lie. He simple reads, or otherwise quotes the news from a variety of newspapers and TV programs and comments upon or gives his interpretation of what is sent out by, what he calls "the drive by media". You simply can't accuse someone of lying when he is expressing personal opinion. I have given my opinions of Rush in earlier posts, and explained my feelings, but just calling him a liar, without clear evidence of his lies, or what he has lied about (The blogger mentioned him using drugs and denying it, but the law has never proved the case against him, and, by going into rehab --doesn't everybody--- he as admitted the use, so that wasn't his lie.) is as useful as two little kids standing on a playground calling each other names.

I bought a new photo program for my computer the other day, that has all the appropriate bells and whistles. I installed it and it worked so well that I haven't yet figured out half of what it will do. That afternoon, windows sent me an "upgrade" (It turned out to be Explorer 7) which I downloaded. When I did, the new photo program quit. It took me four days and a few calls to the tech folks helping me to uninstall and reinstall over and over to get my photo program past Explorer 7. Somehow, I think Microsoft should do better than that. Coots and Geezers should need regular upkeep, but programs should work, especially when they are new. (I know, "Service Packs 1 and 2)

Jan's primary problem since her surgery and strokes has been the tremors in her hands. The stroke doctor gave her some medicine which "might" help. He mentioned in passing that it was a medicine originally designed for seizures. I wonder what that has to do with tremors? I know that Jan took the medicine, and it put her out so fast that she almost didn't make it to the bed. Hmmmm?

Did you notice that blogger put out Blogger for Word, which allows one to write one's post in word, then post it to blogger. As soon as they got the bugs out of Blogger for Word, they introduced the "New Blogger". If you log into the chat about New Blogger one of the first things you will find is that Blogger for Word doesn't work on the New Blogger. Sometimes I wonder about computer people. I used to criticize auto companies for planned obsolescence, but computer folks overdo it.

Well that takes up enough space that I don't have room again to write about serious things.


At 11:48 AM, Blogger opit said...

New Blogger is rather controversial. I understand changes were made to increase capacities of the system but not everybody is happy with the miseries of changeover.
Bit of a false allocation of responsibilities for Microsoft, I should think.They wanted the new Explorer in place to fix vulnerabilities. Doing that, how can any company take responsibility for added software programs ? It's been out for months - I downloaded it a week after release rather than be included in updates at some future time - so Blogger had time to do quite a bit of fix it before change became mandatory.
That said, I think it'll be a frosty Friday in June before I go to Vista. Too many horror stories about what it needs in the way of hardware, freeze ups and just general kludge.

At 9:26 PM, Blogger Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

04 01 07

Hey Richard:
I was laughing so hard as I read this. Glad that you have posted again:)

"Jan's primary problem since her surgery and strokes has been the tremors in her hands. The stroke doctor gave her some medicine which "might" help. He mentioned in passing that it was a medicine originally designed for seizures. I wonder what that has to do with tremors? I know that Jan took the medicine, and it put her out so fast that she almost didn't make it to the bed. Hmmmm?"

Richard, I wanna address your statement above. The underlying mechanisms that cause seizures are quite similar to those that cause tremors. The medications used to battle seizure disorders have broad applicability from helping those with seizures and tremors, to helping those with some mental decline and others with mental stability issues. The biggest issues that plague the users of these meds are the side effects. Fatigue, mental dullness and problems with the bowels are just the tip of the iceberg. HOWEVER the benefits are also good.

Glad to know Jan has improved, but sad to know she gets tremors. Try seeing how she reacts to the medication by keeping a log for thirty days or so. If you notice that she is too fatigued, complains of stomach problems or seems dull, blame the seizure meds and get some other stuff!!!!!

Sometimes all the dope that the doctors give really bother me. But then again if it helps, then...Aside from that, I am working on a new post on the nature of knowledge. I will leave a comment when I am done because your input would be appreciated!

Regarding Rush Limbaugh, well I remember reading what you thought about his antics a while back. It made me laugh pretty hard! He is a real hard man, but liar isn't an accurate characterization, I agree. He is more of a blowhard or bloviator. hehehehehe Sometimes he has something of worth to say, but other times, he is a well manicured tubby guy that makes money off of entertaining the cons. heheheheh

Have a great upcoming week:)


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