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Three score and ten or more

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sheppard Smith and Television Awards.

This is more or less a postscript to the message below. I don't know who gives what kind of awards to whom in broadcasting. I know that there are Peabody Awards, Pulitzer Prizes, probably Emmys, but if Sheppard Smith (I don't know that I spelled his named properly) doesn't win one of the above or more for his work in New Orleans then the selection process is completely broken down. His analysis and reporting has been consistently passionate and accurate and his analysis superb. On the other hand, Soledad OBryan (spelling again), whose work I have enjoyed for years on CNN this morning should never be allowed outside the studio again. My wife used to identify certain country singers as the "Whiney Blondes". Soledad is the whiney brunette. She has brought a whole new meaning to "whine". Please CNN, bring her home, save our nervous systems.


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Super Hip GMa said...

I totally agree with your posting on Sheppard Smith. I thought he was awesome. Somehow tragedies do bring out the very best in most people. He made me feel that I was right there beside him seeing the hell that he did. I was glad to see him back this week and appearing to be much better. (I had feared for his health & well-being.)


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