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Three score and ten or more

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Personal therapy and Molly Ivins

Personal therapy and Molly Ivins.

Next week and this week are/were major medical weeks.  Janet has finished her Physical Therapy, but finally saw here "stroke" doctor (Neurologist) for the first time since we got home.  He was extremely impresses by her intellectual status (as I have been since we first met, she can be intimidating) but somewhat confused and concerned with physiological symptoms (loss of peripheral vision and hearing, trembling weak hands, etc.). Next week she goes for a new set of MRI's, sonograms, Doppler-'somethings', and EMG's, then they will compare the sources of problems to the problems and try to do something about them.

I also had my semi yearly check on my glaucoma, and the retinal tears that I had repaired some years ago.  The glaucoma specialist seems to think that I am doing fairly well and won't be blind in the morning, which is comforting.  Still have to hear from the retina guy.

During my trip to Augusta (Georgia Medical College) I read that Molly Ivins died yesterday at only 62.  That is sad.   Ann Richards left us just a while ago, and Molly Ivins left this week.   I don't know what they feed their women in Texas, but they certainly seem to grow some interesting ones.  I've already talked about Ann Richards, and I won't repeat it, but, like Ann (or is it Anne) Molly was one of a kind.   I don't think Molly Ivins ever wrote anything with which I did not disagree, including (apologies to Dorothy Parker) and, the, and a.  But she wrote with such passion and panache that it was always intriguing and sometimes almost mind-blowing.  She never suffered fools at all, and really had a knack of describing them.  I often think of liberals as a bit dishonest, and their paradigm is incomprehensible to me, but Ann Richards and Molly Ivins both spoke from their hearts, and wits, and I, for one, will miss them


At 1:38 PM, Blogger opit said...

Blue Girl, Red State defeated the subscriptions walls at New York Times if you are interested in reading Paul Krugman's Obituary on Molly : link at my blog : recommended.
Word of caution : as a resident of cowboy country where red-necks abound ( I live on a farm ) I'm used to some calling me "hippie". To me that's funny, as I grew up with religion in the family and business revered by society : but government was going to be corrupted anyway, and it could give some payback to the people while politicians lied, cheated,stole and played their power games.
And understanding "liberal" logic should cause anyone disgust if you don't thrive on discussion and distrust pat answers. I follow "Newfoundlander" logic on this one : they call lawyers "liars". We both know what occupational pool predominates politics.

At 7:49 AM, Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

"Loss of peripheral vision and hearing, trembling weak hands" is par for the course after only 3 months since Janet's strokes. Mine lasted for 6 months and I still have periods of weakness.

Ivins and Richards were typical dishonest lefties too - both caught in many a lie.

At 5:19 PM, Blogger Three Score and Ten or more said...

You know (from previous discussions) that we have differing opinions about the honesty of "lefties". I know that some (many)are damn liars intentionally but truth is slippery and is identified by each of us by our own paradigm and perceptions. As for those chicks (ladies, Okay), I believe that they called 'em as _they_ saw 'em, even though I disagreed with almost everything either one of them said.


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